Hispanic-Mexican meetings on the prevention of and the fight against corruption

This week the University of Salamanca welcomes the celebration of the Hispano-Mexican Workshop on the prevention of and the fight against corruption. It is a meeting organized by the “Master’s Degree in Preventing and Battling Corruption” (“Máster en Prevención y combate a la corrupción” – INACIPE-USAL).

The workshop is addressed to students of the Master’s Degree in Prevention and Battling Corruption, all of them from the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, and organized based on the International Agreement between USAL and the National Institute of Criminal Science of Mexico (INACIPE).
The Master’s Degree programme is directed by USAL Professor of Procedural Law, Nicolás Rodríguez García, and is part of the training activities that are being constructed in Mexico since the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption System.

The workshop will include research seminars with Árkel Benítez Mendizábal (COMJIB), Fátima García Díez (USAL) and Iván Llamazares Valduvieco (USAL), and  institutional visits to the Spanish Parliament, the Spanish Senate and the Courts of Castile and Leon, as well as to the fundamental offices of the University of Salamanca.

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