European Commission again selects Eva Arroyo-Anlló as evaluator of projects submitted to Horizon 2020

Horizonte 2020 is a large research and innovation program of the European Union, aimed to guarantee its global competitiveness.

The European Commission  and the European Parliament have once again selected Eva Maria Arroyo-Anlló, accredited professor at the University of Salamanca and member of the Neuroscience Institute of Castile and Leon (Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y León,), to form part of the Expert Committee of Health Science in Brussels (Clinical Neuropsychology branch) under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program (H2020) to select R & D & i research projects with the greatest innovation and scientific, socio-health-related and economic impact. The European Commission normally choses an expert for each member State of the European Union.

Eva Maria Arroyo-Anlló has been collaborating with the European Union since 2001 and has previously participated in the evaluation committees for research projects presented in the Horizon 2020 Framework Program (H2020), showing a great capacity for objectivity and transparency in the evaluation, selection, and monitoring processes of the most excellent research projects in Europe.


More information:  Comunicación Universidad de Salamanca

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