Santander Scholarships CRUE CEPYME 2016/2017

The registration deadline ends on April 23.

On March 29 the registration period for the Santander-CEPYME 2016/2017 Scholarships was opened. 97 scholarships are being awarded in this edition, as in previous editions, but according to the norms established in its Call, there are two important developments to take into account:

  • All Scholarships are part-time (4h) and therefore the monthly amount is 300 Euros.
  • The Scholarships are co-financed 50% between the Santander and the participating SMEs.


The period to enroll in the Santander platform, both for companies and students, begins on March 29 and ends on April 23.The enrollment process for students in this call consists of two phases, which unlike other years, are not simultaneous because of the reduced deadlines imposed.


  1. PHASE 1: Registration as a candidate through this website (The registration period for candidates and SMEs ends on April 23, 2017).
  2. PHASE 2: ONCE THE PREVIOUS PHASE HAS FINISHED (not before), the call will be published in the SIPPE web portal with the places offered by the participating companies and the registration period will be opened for students who have successfully completed Phase 1 to register their applications through the SIPPE extranet (e-SIPPE). Each student may apply for a maximum of three of the internships offered.


The award of the scholarships to the participating companies will be made directly by Santander Bank, subject to prior acceptance of the co-financing rules.

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Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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