“If we do it well, we can double the Scientific Park in the next few years without any extra costs for the University”

El Día de Salamanca published an interview this weekend, which analyzed the present situation of research in the University.

It commented on the researchers’ growing effort in improving our benchmark and also talked of ways of obtaining financing for our projects.

The effort that is sometimes difficult to see due to the management issues has nothing to do with the research and which make the researchers lose a lot of their time, which they usually lack. For this reason, we are coming up with a solution from the University by employing more staff who will manage this type of issues.

I also highlight the research t and our won programs that achieve good results in all areas of knowledge. If you are not with them in their daily work, you may not realize the research effort my colleagues from Humanities must make, which later is a basis of what many of us do. We have areas of knowledge in USAL that may not reach the society in the short run, but we are leaders in them. For example, the Faculty of Philosophy with 800 years of experience and which we should strengthen and promote, or the Faculty of Philology where the languages and cultures that are studied are not available anywhere else.

In regards to the Scientific Park, I highlight its consolidation in these first 10 years and our intention is to increase the number of companies that settle in it. In this moment, I can already announce the settlement of a multinational Japanese company and that we are close to occupying one hundred per cent of the Villamayor Campus, not considering the buildings that we will continue to construct imminently this year.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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