The journalist, Sergio Martín presents the book “Noticias las Justas (News on justice)”

The Brazilian Studies Center hosted the presentation of the book “Noticias las justas”, by the journalist Sergio Martín, host and director of “Los Desayunos” (Breakfasts) on TVE and the co-author of the work.

The event was organized by the Student Association and was also attended by the vice chancellor of Promotion and Coordination, Enrique Cabero; Román Álvarez, Endowed Chair in English Philology; Carlos Palomeque, Endowed Chair in Law; and María Begoña Gutiérrez professor from the Faculty of Audiovisual Communication.

Sergio Martín, who earned his degree in Audiovisual Communication in the University of Salamanca, is the co-author of the book which tackles the theme of adapting legal language to the society. Now that the role of justice is questioned frequently, it is important that citizens understand its terminology, understanding how science and technology affect the world of law and the difference between the right of honor or the entitlement to information.

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