“We are Castile and León”, the challenges of our community

Today, the Valladolid congress “We are Castile and León”, has been closed with a meeting organized by El Mundo-El Diario de Castilla y León (The World-The Diary of Castile and León), which examines the challenges of our region in terms of the future.

Together with businessmen, business managers, deans, journalists and experts in ICT, I had the pleasure of participating in this meeting with the aim of debating and examining the opportunities that stand before us, in Castile and León, helping us achieve better developments.

Four round tables have been focused on the challenges and horizons, the participants reflected and analyzed the opportunities in the region, the region as the land of entrepreneurship and as a forefront and innovative place.

The table in which I participated revolved around the topic of entrepreneurship, something that we can talk about with conviction when thinking of our University´s Science Park and the success of the business installed in it. Support from the beginning is fundamental to all that is risky, the Park has been the origin of many of the companies that today triumph on the international scale. Castile and León´s talent for providing this support is what makes them have extraordinary and committed employees. The experiences we have went through with entrepreneurial teams have been very positive, although at the beginning they were very jealous of each other´s projects, in the end, however, we have managed to make them work together; collaborating and sharing synergies. We have also improved in the financing of institutions and administrations that depend on entrepreneurial programs to carry out business initiatives or impart the necessary training.

It is certain that we have advanced a lot in the field of entrepreneurship, in my opinion however, we still lack the will to evolve more quickly.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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