USAL researcher collaborates in a novel Project which is vital for Astrochemistry

Professor Jesús Aldegunde, from the Department of Physical Chemistry in the University of Salamanca, together with researchers from the Compultense University in Madrid and from Oxford, developed this project, published in a scientific article, titled ´Nature Communications`.

Jesús Aldegunde has collaborated in this procedure which for the first time links the distribution of internal states in a change arising from a chemical reaction with a triggering mechanism of the reaction.

After a few years from the research, they have succeeded in reproducing the experimental distribution of the inner states of the oxygen radical and deuterium OD (2P), formed in a chemical reaction O (3P) +D2, thanks to the individual study of each of the collisions that have occurred in this chemical reaction and the relationship between this distribution and the triggering reaction. It was without doubt, one of the few problems which still didn´t have a solution in the field of triatomic reaction dynamics.

According to the comment of professor Aldegunde himself, this research “will help to understand the functioning of the chemical reactions that occur in space or in star clouds, since the universe is filled with radicals and predicting its behavior is an essential art of astrochemical studies”.

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