Inauguration of the 40th edition of Specialized Law Courses

The inaugural conference was given by Santiago Muñoz Machado, Full Professor of Administrative Law and secretary of the Royal Spanish Academy(RAE).

We have to congratulate the Specialized Law Courses as they are celebrating their fortieth edition. For this reason, during the next two weeks, the participating students will work under the supervision of specialized professors from different Spanish and European universities at the conferences given to Law professionals, such as judges, magistrates and prosecutors, etc. Some of the participating speakers will be, for example, the ex-president of the government, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero or the chief prosecutor of the Spanish High Court, Javier Zaragoza Aguado. The vice chancellor of internationalization, María Angeles Serrano has been made responsible for presenting this 40th edition, she was accompanied by Oscar González, managing director of of the General University Foundation, Ricardo Rivero, dean of the Faculty of Law and the coordinator of the courses, Pedro Nevado-Batalla.

The inaugural conference, which was broadcast via steaming, was given by Santiago Muñoz Machado, full professor of Administrative Law and the secretary of the Royal Spanish Academy, titled, “Complication of Hispanic-American legal glossary: the project of a Pan-Hispanic Dictionary in Legal Spanish Language”. I leave you a link to the broadcast if you are interested.

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