A new mass spectrometer that improves research.

The University has presented a new mass spectrometer which incorporates the Service of Elemental Analysis, Chromatography and Mass, located in the I+D+i.

The University of Salamanca expects a new mass spectrometer which will allow to broaden the range of tools on offer, not only for our researchers but also for companies that will be interested in its use. The possibilities offered by this new tool, co-financed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO), involve the detection of environmental contaminates and pesticide residues in waters and consumer products, it is also used in the field of medicine.

This tool is a result of the technological advances that have occurred in the last years, allowing us to design equipment with such features.  The Waters TQS-Micro mass spectrometer is a high performance tool with increased sensitivity and the ability to detect compound amounts which are less than a picogram (a picogram is a billionth of a gram)

At the presentation of the spectrometer I was accompanied by Narciso Martín Garrido, professor of Organic Chemistry and person in charge of the Área de Técnica Industrial (Area of Industrial Engineering); Julia Almeida, director of the Servicio Nucleus and César Rapso, person in charge of the Mass Services in the University of Salamanca.


More information: Comunicación Universidad de Salamanca

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