“The Pharmaceutical Epic”, dissemination of science in the form of a comic

Salamanca University Press presents a new work with the collaboration of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the College of Pharmacy, the Formulist Pharmacists Spanish Association (AEFF) and the Center for the Study of the Pharmaceutical Industry.                                                                                                     

The goal of the new publication is promotion through the use of humour. The vignette book, “Pharmaceutical Epic”, is a tour through the history of pharmacy. This original idea takes us to Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, America, Persia and Ancient Greece where we can discover the origins of pharmaceutics while receiving a good dose of humor.

My congratulations to the authors, Luis Marcos Nogales and Iñigo Ansola, as well as Eduardo Azofra, Salamanca University Press Director. They present us with this informative piece of work, in a very appealing comic-like format. In the presentation we were also accompanied by Esther Caballero Salvador, Vice-Dean for Teaching from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Carlos Antonio García Pérez-Teijón, president of the Official Pharmacists Association in Salamanca.

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