Hiroshi Ishiguro: “In just a few years we won’t be able to distinguish between robots and humans”

According to the University of Osaka Professor, in two years anybody will be able to use applications for a personal robot.

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro is convinced that in just a few years we will not be able to distinguish between robots and humans. He made this statement in an interview with El Pais during his visit to Salamanca to participate in the Spanish Conference on Computer Science, CEDI, held a few days ago.

This passion that the Japanese have for robots is not a recent phenomenon that we are now reading about in this newspaper report. In fact, many generations of Japanese have grown up under the influence of manga comics where robots and children are friends.

Ishiguro is the creator of a humanoid made in his own image, the Geminoid HI-4, which is capable of interacting with the people around him. The University of Osaka Professor claims that these humanoids will be more intelligent than us and will have no limits in terms of language, tasks or feelings. This is why they will be able to care for the elderly, work in stores, restaurants or public spaces. The can even fall in love with other robots!

Hiroshi Ishiguro and Geminoid H-14

As to the eternal question of whether robots will take jobs away from humans, Ishiguro emphatically claims that we must be prepared to accept this reality, but that technology will always help us to achieve greater understanding.

Hiroshi Ishiguro’s goal from working on this type of research is to reach a deeper understanding of what human beings are.



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Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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