A fourth industrial revolution will allow the Internet to enter factories

The BISITE research group, technological advances brought about by the internet, Industry 4.0, and the Science Park are just some of the topics covered yesterday during my interview with the ICAL Agency, published by El Norte de Castilla.

The work we do at BISITE was recently recognised with an award for the most relevant entity of Castile and Leon in computer sciences. This type of recognition encourages us to continue working and focusing on the repercussions of our efforts to improve the daily lives of members of our society. Our work is diverse and encompasses big data and the detection of criminal activity on social networks, as well as the development of applications related to security, health or medicine. This is why the multidisciplinary character of BISITE is so fundamental, comprising different professional profiles, which allows us to approach a problem from various points of view.

It is also important to highlight the collaboration among universities, despite the strong competition, given that the concept of open innovation is currently a standard concept and sharing knowledge will serve to speed up this process. The foundation of research is sharing. But research would not be possible without strong financing. This is key if we think about the internet of things and its repercussion, for example, on Industry 4.0, one of the topics I have mentioned on various occasions in this blog. I am convinced that the fourth industrial revolution will take place when the internet reaches industry and the entire production process can be controlled through the internet. There will be many advances over the upcoming years to integrate the internet into our daily lives, although predicting the advances the future holds is a complicated task.

 The Science Park at the University of Salamanca also took part in the interview conducted by the Ical Agency, pointing out the importance of financing to continue achieving the same results obtained to date, and to continue transferring knowledge to our society.

Click on this link for El Norte de Castilla for the full interview.


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Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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