Big Data Awards

“Data Science Awards”, the first Big Data awards in Spain

The three awards are for: Best Data Scientist, Best Big Data Business Initiative, and Best Data Journalism Story in Spain.

Synergic Partners, a Telefonica company specialised in Big Data, Data Science and Data Engineering, together with Telefonica, recently announced the Data Science Awards Spain 2016, the first awards in Spain to recognise the best individual and company initiatives and data journalism story in the field of Big Data.

There are three categories of awards: Best Data Scientist in Spain, divided into three categories (Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Visualisation), Best Company Initiative in Big Data in Spain, and Best Data Journalism Story in Spain.

This is without a doubt a wonderful occasion to recognise the talent that exists in our country and to foster entrepreneurship. Data Science currently holds a decisive role in managing organisations and society in general, which is why it is a key factor in our path toward the future. If we know how to understand, interpret and apply the knowledge obtained from data, we can cover much more ground. Spain currently has the third largest community of Data Scientists in Europe. It is logical to assume that Data Scientist will be one of the strongest professions of the future. These are professionals who, in addition to studying sciences, maths and statistics, must also have a command of programming and its various languages, computer sciences and analysis. They must also understand technology and databases in order to modify and improve the business direction for the company they work for. This is why the intention of these awards sponsored by Synergic Partners and Telefonica is so important.

The awards will be determined after an online competition which includes two challenges. The first involves 20 questions, with the top 50 participants continuing to the second challenge which requires solving a problem. The award for best Data Scientist includes three specialities: Data Scientist, Data Engineering y Data Visualization.

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Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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