The Science Park and the keys to its success

The demand for computer scientists, engineers and marketing specialists has grown in recent years. The University must therefore be prepared to sure an outlet into this job market.

The most recent “Employment Forum” hosted by the newspaper La Gaceta de Salamanca, highlighted the role of the Science Park in the job market. Alongside representatives of three companies located in the park, I had the opportunity to present my impressions.

I presented my assessment of the current situation in the job market where, despite changes in the economic model, we can see an increasing demand for professionals in the field of informatics, marketing and engineering. Those of us at the Science Park are fully aware of this situation, being witness to how this type of company continues to thrive. At present there are nearly 800 people who work in our facilities, generating approximately 20 million euros in salaries. This is why the role of the University of Salamanca is so fundamental when it comes to competing against other universities throughout the world. We must continue working to improve our educational programmes and ensure that when our students join the labour force, they do so equipped with the most demanded transversal competences.

I believe that the secret to success in the labour market lies in proper training, knowledge of languages and computers, and strong aptitudes. With these elements, the University is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and making it possible for students to develop projects as they near the end of their studies. To do so, it is imperative to continue working with local and regional institutions to obtain the financing required to make our projects a reality.



José Alberto García, director of Centro de Innovación Viewnext, assured us that Salamanca is becoming the centre of ICT given the number of students who graduate from the Universities and Institutes and the collaboration between the worlds of academia and business.

According to Félix Hernández, director of operations at UST-Global España, ICT is the sector of the future, and our country is a strong source of qualified professionals to work in international projects from Salamanca.

Finally, Manuel Martín, director of software lab at Indra, claims that the Science Park is a magnet for ICT enterprises, which create new synergies amongst them as well as positive networking opportunities.

Ultimately, we must work together in this generation of employment with the aim of creating qualified and stable jobs.



Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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